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Accessories for the laying

Essential tools for floor layers


To lay the perfect wall or floor tiles and coverings, you need the right tools. For this reason, Profilpas has produced a full range of laying accessories, including levels, tile spacers, wedges, adhesives and much more, able to fulfil the requirements of trade professionals.

Levels, spacers and much more

Klic Level - a system of levelling clips for wall and floor coverings of various thicknesses - is part of the range of laying accessories by Profilpas, especially suited to large size tiles. 

To guarantee the perfect  laying of tiled wall and floor coverings, Profilpas presents Protiler, a levelling system for ceramic and stone tiles, suitable for thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm and preventing vertical movement between individual tiles until the adhesive has set. Special nippers are available in association with the Protiler range, to lay wall and floor coverings more quickly and easily. 

The PP Level range - levels for raised floors - is also part of the Profilpas offering of laying accessories. Versatile and easy-to-use, they provide an effortless and non-invasive answer to every problem. With a capacity to withstand loads of up to 400kg and a vast range of adjustable-height tile supports, they are the ideal solution for terraces, swimming pool edges, pedestrian walkways on roofing and hanging gardens.

Not forgetting Proflex Machine, designed to give a curved shape to profiles in the Proflex Line range. 
In addition to these products, Profilpas also offers a wide range of cross and T-shaped spacers, wedges, self-adhesives for skirting boards, magnetic kits, PVC profile cutters, adhesive and double-sided tape.