Merchandising for the point of sale

Materiale per il punto vendita

As Profilpas profiles continue to garner recognition for both their aesthetic and functional qualities, the display requirements in sales outlets have changed.  Resellers and showroom managers can now count on a new tool which will present each product, in all its different forms and finishes, at its very best. By taking special care with POS material, we can clearly and effectively convey the effect and reality of each solution to professionals and end users.

Profilpas offers distributors the possibility to set up customisable display corners, depending on needs and space available. Having a permanent display means both showcasing and explaining the products, which are the foundations of boosted sales. 

- Display containers and cabinets
Open containers and display cabinets with several shelves and the option of adding a Plexiglass case to show more valuable products like the Swarovski® profiles.  

- Drawers and totems
Profilpas provides structures of various sizes which can be used to display brochures presenting the products and leaflets with more detailed information.

- Leaflets and brochures
The leaflets and brochures illustrate the many Profilpas solutions, from design profiles to shower drainage channels and laying accessories.

- Sample books, cases, cylinders, bundles 
A series of tools to showcase samples of profiles and skirting boards, and to give clients a clearer idea of the form, colour and size of the product.