Wood-effect profiles

All the beauty of wood

A warm, contemporary result to give your home a natural, sophisticated feel. “Wood-effect” products create harmonious environments, making it even more enjoyable to stay at home. 
Wood-effect profiles are based on the finest natural woods and combine these with the advantages of an aluminium or PVC structure. The range features models which combine functionality and aesthetic appeal, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Two types

More specifically, there are two types of wood-effect profiles. The first were designed for LVT, wood and laminate floors, and are made of natural aluminium. They can then be coated with Alcrom® Plus film, to reproduce to perfection a wide number of wood types, from light to dark. 

The other type of wood-effect profiles are part of the PVC Line range of polyvinyl chloride skirting boards, designed to fulfil any technical or colour requirement. They can be supplied with or without a special film, and also as a wood-effect. 

When a film is applied, customers can choose from the enormous range of patterns in the Profilpas database. 

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