Swarovski tile trims

The sparkling glamour of an Arabian nights atmosphere

They're not diamonds but can replicate the same enchanting beauty with the light effects and transparencies. Swarovski® crystals, with their unique sheen, have conquered the interior design world, illuminating interiors and embellishing the decor. Profilpas had to come up with a solution of its own that combined the elegance and efficiency in stunning Swarovski® tile trims, a veritable touch of luxury bringing ritz and class and an Arabian nights atmosphere.

Where technology meets class

Swarovski® tile trims are not only synonymous with beauty and sophistication, they are a skilful fusion of technology and efficiency. After much study and analysis, Profilpas succeeded in using a new technology to use the bond guaranteed by thermoplastic adhesive with every single Swarovski® crystal to assure proper adhesion with the brass profile. 

This is achieved using a machine designed and built for this purpose that Profilpas had built to specification. The final result?  The perfect symbiosis between two materials which come together to create a superior product which stands out from ordinary tile trims created using widely available bio-adhesives. 

This surprising combination floods the space with light, which is why Swarovski® tile trims are perfect for all interior spaces, from the dining room to the bedroom, lounge and bathroom. These spaces can be given an unparalleled touch of sophisticated design, thanks to this Profilpas product. 

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