Stair nosing profiles

The perfect combination of protection, finish and safety

Floating, cantilevered, spiral, helix or box - there are many types of stairs for architects, decorators and interior designers to choose from and turn into a stunning feature of the home. How do they embellish them? Just use the stair nosing profiles by Profilpas.

Stair nosing profiles are ideal to highlight the characteristics of these structures, in a perfect combination of protection, finishing and safety. 

Rounded edge trims give the room an elegant aura of sophistication and a unique touch while the sheen of the chrome-plated brass or anodized aluminium illuminates and gently defines each step. Safety is also assured by the knurled part or non-slip inserts which are great for situations in which floor surfaces are slippery.

Profilpas makes sure it has a product for every structural or practical requirement. This is where stair nosing profiles come in, along with the associated trims and accessories to fit stair rods. They are easy and quick to install and guarantee the safety and stability of the stair rods.

Light draws lines

When you want safety and also an original and eye-catching visual effect, what you need are the LED light stair nosing profiles where   LED technology meets design. The light of the profiles “sculpts” and defines the details, highlighting the structure of the stairs and creating a very enchanting atmosphere.


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