Stair corner trims

Stair corner trims, the detail that makes a difference

At home, or in any work or public place, details are what make a difference in the interior decoration, bringing harmony and making the space look neat. For this reason, it’s important to think about everything in a room, even the small things. That includes the stairs, whether inside or out. For this reason, Profilpas presents a wide range of stair corner trims, designed to adapt to any context thanks to the different formats and colours available. 

More protection for tiles

Profilpas produces stair corner trims in different materials, sizes and finishes, so that there will always be the right profile for newly built or existing stairs. Prostep stair corner trims, for example, come in an array of solutions, in stainless steel, PVC, aluminium, brass and solid wood. The Protect range includes stair corner trims in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and PVC, ideal for protecting existing wood, tiled, marble or carpeted stairs. Moreover, some models in this range also have a non-slip function, in line with DIN 51131 (which several models in the Prostep line also comply with) and are suitable for public spaces which require this degree of safety, guaranteed by the non-slip inserts which can be easily replaced over time, or the knurled tread.  

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