Stainless steel shower enclosure profiles

The ideal solution for meticulous bathrooms

Home bathrooms are one of the most difficult and complex places to furnish. Space is normally at a premium and the room has to fulfil a number of important functions. In the delicate balance created between the sanitary ware and furnishings, showers play a primary role, if nothing else than for the size they have to be fitted into. Over the years, interior design has rediscovered floor level showers. Nowadays, this solution is very popular and the best trendsetters have revisited it, coming up with a variety of different versions. Deciding to install one is a clever decision, not just for the space it saves but also for the style it adds, and elegant and minimal taste. Profilpas, ever  attentive to the latest trends in the field and incorporating them into an effective answer for the customer's needs, has developed a series of specific accessories. Notable among these are without doubt the stainless steel shower enclosure profiles in the Glass Profile range.   

The perfect mix of visual appeal and functionality

Stainless steel shower enclosure profiles perform a very important role: combined with Thin Drain, Smart Drain and Slim Drain drainage channels, these elements are useful to offset the 2% slope and to insert glass partition walls. Moreover, the aesthetic perfection achieved by installing these finishes makes the bathroom not only functional, but also beautiful and elegantly finished. 
Using stainless steel gives clients the guarantee of a product with excellent resistance to the main chemical agents and cleaning products. Stainless steel shower enclosure profiles are the ideal solution for bringing the best trends in interior design to the practical needs of a bathroom.  

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