Skirting boards for ceramic tiles

Skirting boards for ceramic tiles set off a unique material

Ceramic tiles can be described as hard-wearing, functional and smart, which explains why they are one of the most frequently used materials in interior decoration, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The wide range of colours and patterns available make them a key part of any interior decor and style, shaping the overall aesthetic. Skirting boards for ceramic tiles, like those made by Profilpas, are perfect to protect and embellish such surfaces.

As mentioned, this material is particularly suited to bathrooms and kitchens. This is undoubtedly down to its natural properties - it is hard-wearing, stable in the presence of water and most chemical substances, and also able to withstand heavy loads. In addition to the above pluses, ceramic tiles will fit any room style thanks to the wide range of shapes, colours and patterns available. The charm of this material must therefore be spotlighted with an equally appealing and functional plinth made specially to go with it. 

Profilpas skirting boards for ceramic tiles

Profilpas therefore makes a wide range of skirting boards for ceramic tiles, with models in multiple materials available in our catalogue - from PVC to aluminium, wood and steel. 
Notable among these, for example, is the  supreme Metal Line collection, which stands out not just for its extreme versatility but also for the care that has gone into the visual appeal, inspired by the latest trends in contemporary design. The innovative nature of the range means it can slot into any interior and meet any everyday requirement. In aluminium or steel, this product fits perfectly into any room and goes with any style, enhancing the distinctive features of both. Another alternative is the PVC range of skirting boards for ceramic tiles, designed to meet any technical requirement or colour combination it might encounter, perfect for both professionals in the trade or for those who prefer to do it themselves. 

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