Shower drain

Floor-level showers: a design choice

Bathrooms have risen to become the centre stage of the home, and now require adequate planning to fill the room with comfort and design. A growing trend in this regard is, without doubt, the floor-level shower. This type of shower brings numerous advantages, insomuch as it blends into the rest of the bathroom, creating a wider, brighter and more open space. To finish a floor-level shower build project,  the functional details can’t be overlooked, to make sure they are also stylish and in keeping with the rest of the bathroom.  In this regard, Profilpas has the perfect solution for linear shower drains: a wide range of drains and drainage channels for showers, with something to fit every project requirement. 

Profilpas solutions for shower drains

Notable among the models supplied by Profilpas is Thin Drain, a range of linear drains with three elegant versions - Classic, Cube and Single Line. Requiring a substrate depth of only 55mm, the Thin Drain products are especially suited for renovation projects. Moreover, the siphon can be inspected for regular cleaning and can also be fitted close to the wall.

Slim Drain is a range of quick and easy-to-fit floor-level linear drainage channels for showers, giving you the freedom to personalize the floor and wall coverings used in the shower. The reduced substrate depth required (65mm) makes it especially well-suited to renovation projects or in interiors in which the focus is on weightlessness and versatility. The same level of quality is guaranteed in the Smart Drain range, which features drainage channels for floor-level showers for use with large-format tiles, in any interior. 

In addition to these ranges, Profilpas also offers a range of drains. The latter are part of Q Drain, featuring square, brushed steel drains, designed to be set into the floor. 

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