Self-adhesive tile trims

Self-adhesive tile trims, a quick and easy option

To own a home is to own a treasure. Architects and interior designers are the first to recognise the importance of the home and have made it their mission to make it as perfect as it can be, using only superior decorative finishes. This happens not only for new-build projects but also for restorations and renovations. In the latter case, the building sheds a skin and is giving a completely new look: even the tiniest of details have a role to play in shaping the overall harmonious, stylish feel. 

This is where Profilpas self-adhesive tile trims come in - both practical and appealing, they are also quick and easy to fit.

Only non-toxic, hot-melt, anti-inflammable, solvent-free adhesives are used, making the trims a quick and easy solution to suit varying requirements that can emerge during fitting. Profilpas makes multiple self-adhesive tile trim options for external corners and floors of different heights, providing something for every context, both residential and professional.


The Profilpas catalogue presents multiple options, not just for traditional fitting but also others which are fast and equally functional, for practical, easy application. This makes the self-adhesive tile trims suitable for both professionals and amateur DIY enthusiasts. In other words, for universal use. 

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