PVC baseboards

PVC baseboards - versatile and resistant

A harmonious, striking and functional design has to go hand-in-hand with meticulous care with the details, in home as much as work settings. A baseboard can make the different in all of these settings. Skirting boards play a key role in covering the joint between wall and floor, which can often be uneven,  and make cleaning easier. PVC is one of the most popular materials nowadays, because it has the right characteristics for the job.

The PVC baseboard by Profilpas, in particular, is resistant to shock, wear, and UV rays and doesn't contain formaldehyde or absorb water.  Moreover, it can be used for DIY home improvement and, depending on the model, can be anchored using nails, adhesive or special clips. 

A number of different hygienic corner PVC baseboards are available, covering an array of application contexts: they fit in perfectly to domestic settings, being so versatile, and also in professional settings like office spaces, schools, shops and public buildings. 

Personalised baseboard

One of the most sought-after properties of the Profilpas PVC baseboard is that it allows you to choose from the wide selection of patterns available in the PVC Line and, as required, to personalise the covering using exclusive PDS (Profilpas ) technology and choose from more than 300 finishes in the catalogue or send a sample of your own floor to obtain the ultimate personalised result. 

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