Profiles for floors

Clean lines accentuating surfaces

There are two ways of enjoying a floor - for the functions it fulfils and the special feel it can give to any space. Profiles for floors do this - they accentuate the surfaces with their subtle presence, thanks to the creative details that Profilpas has given them.

We have designed profiles for floors for every possible requirement. To get an idea of the array of products that Profilpas offers, browse the selection of profiles for floors online. It will be easy to find the right trim to finish, seal, protect or decorate when laying flat ceramic tile, marble, granite, wood or other type of floor.  

Profiles for floors should be selected for what you need them to do. There are also different types of laying systems and different types of materials - split into several large families: stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Within each material category,  there are a variety of different finishes to choose from. There are models in stainless steel - polished, satin or sand-blasted - or brass, either natural, polished or chrome-plated. The selection for aluminium is equally wide - it comes in natural or anodized. 

A design must

Each model has its advantages:  profiles for floors in metal like stainless steel, brass and aluminium, for example,  are design favourites. Interior decorators prefer them for how hard-wearing they are and for how they stop the build-up of bacteria but also bring light into the rooms they are installed in.

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