Profiles for carpets

Exceptional comfort for attractive floors

It wouldn't be over the top to say that walking on carpets is an experience that grabs the senses. Warm and soft to touch, it can give a room a cosy, welcoming feel through its ability to combine beauty and style along with exceptional comfort. Profilpas embraced these qualities, producing a series of profiles for carpets which not only delineate and decorate surfaces but also join floors of the same or different levels. 

Carpet is not always the first choice for home interiors - it is often preferred for bedrooms or living rooms where the warm, cosy feel makes for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

A functional problem can often arise - when carpet meets other types of flooring and there is a small different in floor heights. This is where Profilpas profiles for carpets come in, perfect for dealing with such situations. 

Profiles for floors of same or different height

The main distinction with the range of profiles for carpets available is between those for surfaces of same height and those for surfaces of different height. The former are primarily for finishing, sealing and protecting when laying level floors, although they are also ideal as separation joints between floor coverings of different types. There are a multitude of cover trim solutions. The latter include profiles which are perfect as joints or as carpet edging of various types and thicknesses.

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