Non-slip strips

Safety is the watchword 

Making safety a priority and reducing the chances of serious accidents are the main objectives of the non-slip strips, an essential element to make human safety a priority. This product has many potential applications and a versatile core: non-slip strips can, in fact, be used effectively in a wide range of places, including commercial and industrial spaces, transition areas, not forgetting hospitals, swimming pools and spas. 
Profilpas has always been driven to develop ground-breaking and innovative solutions for its customers. For this reason, the brand introduced Safety-Walk™ non-slip strips, designed specifically to safeguard people using public or private spaces, both indoor and out. 

A product made with customer well-being in mind

Non-slip strips are self-adhesive and formed of abrasive particles held together by synthetic resins on a dimensionally stable support. More specifically, the white and grey versions have a rubber surface and are idea for walkways used barefoot, such as showers, saunas, dressing rooms and boats. 
These strips have a range of advantageous properties: they are hard-wearing and resistant, and easy to apply. In other words, an essential to make any space safe.

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