Listello tile trims for kitchens

Kitchens - a room that adores details

Kitchens are usually  the warm, cosy room in the house, where meals are made and the most relaxing times of the day are spent with family. That means the finishes and decor require extra attention - the details are always what makes the difference. Even the choice of baseboard and decorative listello tile trims are important, as these elements can finish off to perfection such an important room.

Decorative listello tile trims by Profilpas

Listello tile trims for kitchens by Profilpas can be used to create an endless number of decorative effects and can be fitted with any type of tile covering. Such finishes play a key role in the kitchen: used to decorate walls around the hob, listello tile trims for kitchens are always on the front line. 

More specifically, the rich Profilpas catalogue features the Prolist range, which includes various types of decorative listello tile trims, in aluminium or steel, designed to create sophisticated and captivating aesthetic effects on ceramic wall coverings. Moreover, listello tile trims for kitchens can be matched with the Protrim and Proangle ranges providing the best-performing solutions for tiled corners and edges. 

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