LED light profiles

The perfect balance between visual appeal and functionality

An innovative way to create a personalised, striking ambience in any home, office or public space is to use Profilpas LED light profiles. These decorative items are fitted with strip LED lighting to offer a creative, practical solution that enhances interiors, either in purely aesthetic terms or also as  an added safety feature. 

The LED light profiles were, in fact, designed to define and decorate the interior, highlight external corners of coverings or delineate stairs.  Lighting can be warm, neutral or coloured, direct or indirect, continuous or intermittent / in sections. They are suited to homes, civil or public spaces like museums and cinemas, or commercial spaces, hotels and ships. The LED light profiles highlight the form and details in any interior, creating an inviting, welcoming atmosphere as well as striking light effects. 

The added value of energy saving

Profilpas LED light profiles combine visual appeal, functionality and energy-saving. They use energy-efficient LED lights to assure stylish design while looking after the environment. An optional dimmer switch means this particular category of profiles can be adjusted in terms of brightness, giving it the added function of a decorative ambient feature or safety night light. The entire range of Profilpas LED light profiles can be easily fitted and they need no specific maintenance: the LED lights last for an exceptionally long time. 

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