Kitchen plinths

Skirting boards by Profilpas 

Kitchens are famously the heart of the home where we share important times of the day with the family. Whether it's for a family dinner or breakfast, the kitchen should be a welcoming, functional place. These qualities depend on the choice of furnishings, fittings, accessories and details, all of which are important factors which play a part in a real, living kitchen. 

An element not to be underestimated is the kitchen plinth, the key function of which is as a floor-wall joint. Hygiene is essential in this joint, and thanks to the Profilpas design of skirting boards, cleaning is easy, especially when cleaning the ones featuring a cove. 

An answer to every requirement

Profilpas makes kitchen plinths in a wide selection of models and materials, offering an answer to every requirement. The versatile and functional Metal Line range is inspired by contemporary design. The range features aluminium and steel plinths in a variety of sizes and finishes. 

PVC line plinths are also ideal for the kitchen; with the option of personalising them, they can fulfil any technical or colour-matching requirement. The skirting boards in this range are made in PVC foam and available in multiple patterns/colours. Moreover, PVC Line products are especially well-suited to kitchens because they are resistant to knocks, wear and products normally used in house-cleaning. 

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