Hygienic corner profiles

Perfect hygiene with hygienic corner profiles

What do hospitals, food or chemical industries, health spas and industrial kitchens have in common? The need for cleanliness and optimum hygiene. The best solutions are undoubtedly to be found in the ideas of Profilpas specialists who introduced hygienic corner profiles to guarantee the necessary high standards in these sectors. Each product in the range guarantees the standards of hygiene required by EU law.

An essential function

Hygienic corner profiles are essentially designed to get rid of the 90° angles usually formed between floor and wall. This makes it easier to deep clean because room perimeters are more accessible than in normal sanitisation systems. 
The hygenic corner profile comes in a number of materials and the right one for the application environment should be selected. Profilpas has created a range of different solutions, each with the necessary features to assure the hygiene of joints between floor and wall covering, at the points where bacteria and dust usually build up. The stainless steel version, in particular, provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, and is suited to outdoor applications.

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