Gold skirting boards

Gold skirting boards, a touch of class when you’re not scared to dare 

Gold is the ultimate royal colour and when introduced into home decor through some carefully picked details, it can give a super glam look to any room. Clearly, it’s easy to go too far but when used in moderation, a gold tone mixes well in a contemporary setting,  bringing light and warmth to the space.  If you're not afraid to dare, gold skirting boards and the precious touch they add to any room are right for you. These boards bring together functionality and the growing importance of design in homes and many other spaces. 

The gold skirting board creates several different effects, depending on the colours it’s matched with - paired with black, it makes for a serious, refined setting. With dark tones of marble, the result is sumptuous and exquisite although it should be handled carefully to avoid ending up looking garish. Alongside white walls and furniture, the space takes on a highly sophisticated, modern feel,  only a discreet but visible light needed as additional embellishment.  

Elegant and Functional

Profilpas gold skirting boards are extremely elegant and functional, and are part of the superior Metal Line range, specially designed for contemporary decor. Metal Line skirting boards are made with stainless steel and aluminium and are available in a multitude of formats and finishes, including the satin gold one.  

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