Floor level shower drainage channels

Design solutions for the bathroom

A stylish bathroom is a functional and attractive place that gives inhabitants of the home a feeling of peace and comfort. For this reason, the fixtures and fittings, and the layout of each, are very important. In this sense, one of the most popular trends at the moment is the floor-level shower, a more linear structure than classic shower enclosures, more in harmony with the rest of the furnishings: the tray, for example, is at the same level as the floor, for a more seamless feel. On this subject, Profilpas developed a number of floor level shower drainage channels to cover both aesthetic and functional needs. 

Profilpas linear drainage channels

Profilpas has three different kinds of floor level drainage channel: Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain. These drainage systems are inserted into the floor and can be used with any kind of covering. They are quick and easy to fit and can be personalized with a selection of grates. 

These floor level shower drainage channels are easy to keep clean thanks to the filter and ease with which the siphon can be inspected. Moreover, all three have a grate which can be tiled over to make the drainage channels invisible, with only a slim aperture left, for an elegant and minimal end result. 

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