Corner profiles for tiles

The timeless charm of ceramic tile coverings

There’s a reason that the most used rooms in the house, the ones most subject to temperature excursions and water spray, are usually protected with ceramic floor and wall coverings.   Tiles are hard-wearing and come in such a wide array of different forms, colours and finishes, it fits any kind of interior decoration.
To properly recognize their importance, there are a several elements to finish and protect them, at the corners for example, that we should definitely be using. In response to this requirement, Profilpas introduced a vast range of corner profiles for tiles, presenting them in a variety of finishes and different materials, to make sure there was something for every style or interior. 

Profilpas solutions to protect tiles

The many ranges of corner profiles for tiles that Profilpas produces for tiles - Protrim, Proangle, Proangle Q, Proangle F and Procorner M, match any kind of covering.  
Protrim is a range of profiles with a rounded shape,  specifically designed to seal and protect external corners in ceramic tile coverings, to prevent the unsightly and delicate 45-degree angle. 
Proangle, Proangle Q and Proangle F, define the surface with distinct and essential lines. If you need a corner profile for tiles after they have been  laid, the product for you is Procorner M, which also comes as a self-adhesive profile. 

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