Bendable profiles

Bendable profiles that adapt to curved objects

Curved walls are the latest trend in modern building - while it may sound extravagant, they give the whole room a touch of class that will turn heads. It doesn't have to be a scary choice - it might seem impossible to decorate as compared to a normal wall, but the Profilpas catalogue offers a wide range of bendable trims and profiles that fit rounded shapes to perfection. 

Profilpas bendable profiles in the Proflex range

The brand has produced the Proflex range specifically for laying, separating or protecting ceramic tile, wooden, carpeted, wood and laminate floors. More specifically, the Proflex range includes bendable profiles designed to following the flooring along whatever geometrical profile it takes. 

The range has an extended range of colours and shapes to provide a solution to any interior decoration need, adapting to any type of curved wall or pillar, thanks to the use of Proflex Machine. With its many accessories, the Proflex Machine can easily bend the trims, making sure they adhere to whatever bend and in any setting. 

The Proflex range includes bendable profiles that define both level floors and stairs, curved platforms and other surfaces of different levels. If you're looking for a bendable profile with which to separate, protect  or decorate a level floor, you can choose from the Proangle Flex, Prodecor Flex, Prostyle Flex, Joint Flex and Unisystem Plus ranges; whereas if what you need is to delineate curved steps or raised floors, then you can use Pronivel Flex and Prostep Flex, both metal (aluminium or brass) but with the option to customise the finish. Not to be forgotten are Protrim Flex and Terminal Flex, for the same application area. 

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