Aluminium shower enclosure profiles

Finishes which transform the heart of the bathroom

Furnishing bathrooms with elegance and style has become a primary requirement of interior designers. This space, once overlooked, is gradually rediscovering its role in the home - now considered a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity, inside which we can pamper our minds and bodies. The main bathroom fitting that architects and interior designers have focused their attention on is most definitely the shower. New trends in the sector have thrown open the doors to floor level showers, which  can save space and guarantee a very striking visual effect. With this kind of solution, shower enclosures seamlessly integrated into the room become the central feature. It was for precisely this reason that Profilpas developed a range of aluminium shower enclosure profiles.  The products are part of Glass Profile, a range of profiles that  cover 2% slopes when laying Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain floor-level drainage channels.

Design meets functionality 

Aluminium shower enclosure profiles are sophisticated and unique design objects that represent the perfect finishing touch for bathrooms, adding class and elegance. In addition to the impeccable style, another of the strengths of this product is the quality of the material used. Aluminium profiles are extruded and then anodised. Thanks to this procedure, they present a strong resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. Aluminium shower enclosure profiles are the best choice in terms of quality and functionality for furnishing your bathroom with style.

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