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One of the most fascinating and appealing forms of contemporary art is interior design. The choice of architectural lines, colour combinations and furniture in living spaces, workplaces and public or private settings has become essential to protect and promote the physical and mental well-being of the people inhabiting the spaces. 

Spending time in spaces which are both functional and aesthetically impeccable triggers unique, intense and durable emotions. Profilpas has always paid particular attention to trends in contemporary design, catering to its requirements and capturing the sophisticated tastes of its customers. The brand has produced numerous design ranges to create striking, elegant and modern interiors without losing sight of the functionality of the space.

Within Profilpas’ broad offering, X Design anodised aluminium profiles are, without doubt, worthy of note.  Featuring a special brushed finish, these products embody the professional excellence and pursuit of beauty that the company has always striven to achieve, with passion and determination.  

The huge range of colours that customers can choose from adds to the quality of the material used.  With so many colours to choose from, the combination options are endless, designed for decorators and architects and inspired by the latest trends in contemporary design. 
The many potential applications means the product can easily be used to provide multiple solutions. The X Design range includes listello tile trims and profiles to protect external corners and edges, bringing a touch of elegance, class and originality to any type of surface. X Design profiles represent an optimal, functional and visually appealing strategy to create spaces of unique and fascinating design.