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M Design

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M Design is one of the many offerings Profilpas has created specifically for the interior design and architecture worlds. It was designed to combine visual appeal and functionality with innovative, modern solutions. The range includes external corner profiles and skirting boards which allow you to play with contrasting materials and colours. M Design profiles are intended as finishes or joining pieces, to provide clear and distinct definition around ceramic tile coverings: they are ideal for designers who prefer minimalist solutions for tile edges and joints between floor and wall coverings.

There are three key products in the range:

Proangle AX, a vertical sealing trim to be used in conjunction with finishing profiles. Made of anodised or painted aluminium, they provide an elegant solution to corners and edges, highlighting and accenting the contrasting surfaces.  

Metal Line AF is an aluminium or painted element marking the point at which the floor and wall coverings meet, whether they’re the same or different. It is used to provide a marked division between the two, creating a vacuum and therefore a stylish shadow.  

The third one is Metal Line AL, a transition between floor and wall covering that provides a clear and distinct break between the two. It comes as anodised or painted aluminium, in a classic format which makes it no less appealing.

Three superior products, then, to fulfil any interior decoration requirement with a functional solution of clean and contemporary design.