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C Design

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Grace and the appearance of weightlessness are what make elegance in interior design. In architecture, elegance is everywhere - in the forms, the layout of furniture and the ornaments. Elegance is lost, however, if the space is crowded with too many decorative details: it is essential, therefore, to focus on stylish details which can embellish without “suffocating”. Profilpas has translated this concept in the C Design range of profiles for which the brand’s design team has managed to create a light and sophisticated product.

What are customers so taken with C Design profiles? It’s easy: it’s an all-round innovative range, comprising decorative profiles for high-end coverings,  embellished by the light and sparkle of Swarovski® crystals. The combination of chrome or 24-carat gold with crystal enhances and gives an aura of sophistication to any room, silhouetting the volumes and geometries.

The C Design range brings class not just to private homes but also to luxury accommodation in hotels, restaurants and ships. The decorative profiles also come in chrome or 24 carat gold-plated brass without crystals , for a more essential but just as sophisticated feel.

This is the purest, most enchanting application of the concept of elegance, and the standard of quality that Profilpas has always been known for.