Profilpas Design

Profilpas Design

An innovative range of profiles to meet modern interior decoration needs


The design and architecture world is increasingly attuned to elegance, exclusivity and innovation, and the goal of making each room in the home truly special- for this reason, every detail has to be meticulously studied. This is what Profilpas does so well and, to meet modern interior decoration requirements, the company has introduced the Profilpas Design range - an innovative range of profiles and skirting boards expressly dedicated to the design and architecture worlds.  These solutions, thanks to the great versatility, allow our customers to find new and original colour combinations to decorate and finish modern ceramic coverings.


Exclusive colour combinations and extensive versatility

The Profilpas Design range includes a rich selection of proposals, starting from the X Design range. This range comprises listello trims and profiles to protect external corners, made of anodised aluminium and available in five different colours to provide an ample selection of colour combinations.  The same variety of colours is available for the anodised aluminium skirting boards in the I Design range. The appealing brushed finish means this element will slot in perfectly to any space. 

M Design is a range of finishing and threshold profiles, designed to frame ceramic tile coverings with clean, clear lines, while C Design is the high-end range of profiles embellished with Swarovski® crystals.  Using Omega Design - the range of listello trims and external corner profiles featuring three different raised geometric patterns - you can create original combinations.

To complete the Profilpas Design range are the painted aluminium external corner profiles which recreate the heterogeneity of stone (Trend Color Stone), natural environments and golden hues (Trend Color Light).