Profilpas presents PP Level Duo, the new supports for raised floors

PP Level Duo

Cersaie exhibition, in Bologna, is the best showcase for the latest news in the field of Made-in-Italy ceramic tiles, architecture and bathroom furnishings. Profilpas will be at Hall 31/A Stand A5 to show many new products that combine maximum functionality with efficiency. 

Among the new products that Profilpas will present during the event, there are the new supports for raised floors PP Level Duo. Thanks to these supports, designed and produced by Profilpas, there is the possibility to choose between fixed and self-levelling head, directly during the installation; a choice that can be made easily, thanks to the special converter Perfect Ring. Indeed, if you insert it between the head and the screw, the support becomes fixed. On the contrary, if there is the need to compensate the slope of a surface up to 6%, it will be sufficient not to insert the ring to obtain a self-levelling system.

Maximum speed of installation

Composed of head, converter, screw and base, PP Level Duo is ready in just 5 seconds, thus guaranteeing the maximum speed of installation and a considerable time saving.

                      PP Level Duo

With only 5 supports, there is the possibility to reach every height, thanks to the wide excursion and to the possibility to add possible extension elements for supports higher than 280 mm. Indeed, for heights from 25 to 280 mm, there is no need to add extension elements.

Moreover, for a greater practicality, the height of the supports for raised floors PP Level Duo can be adjusted from the top, thanks to the specific adjustment key.

PP Level Duo

Double joist installation system

The double joist system, designed and produced by Profilpas, is composed of two joists in natural aluminium that must be fixed on a special head, thus creating a rail for the positioning of the spacer. Which are the advantages of this system? The double joist is not visible from the joint, avoids water stagnation and the accumulation of dust and filth and make the height adjustment from the top possible.

                  PP Level Duo

Profilpas waits for you at Cersaie, in Bologna, HALL 31/A STAND 45, to give you further details.