A stylish bathroom with details that make the difference

Bathrooms have evolved from hidden corners of the home to a place of comfort and wellbeing,  thanks to interior designers who began to turn their attention to them and were quickly followed by fine furniture aficionados.  As a result, both aesthetic appeal and functionality have become essential in the choice of bathroom fittings.
This applies not just to furniture, mirrors and other bathroom accessories, but also to the surfaces themselves.  Modern bathroom coverings have become increasingly important and must be fitted carefully and finished with the finest of fittings, such as Profilpas products.  In the smallest room of the house, Profilpas fittings are called upon to fulfil a dual purpose - to make the room more appealing and comfortable, with the help of profiles, shower drain systems, and stylish listello tile trims which can be adapted to fit any room, and to assure the necessary hygiene. Moreover,  only durable, water-resistant products can guarantee the necessary protection as well as decorating stylish bathrooms.

Spotlight on shower enclosures and baths

Special attention should go to the “special” areas of the bathroom, such as shower enclosures and baths, where specifically-sized fittings are required but without have to forego the visual appeal. Showers and baths have become a stylish and technological part of bathroom decor and therefore meticulous careis now given to their design.

With a vast range of profiles, Profilpas has the perfect solution to every modern bathroom covering requirement, making each element in this practical and stylish room more appealing and more protective. 

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