Balconies and terraces

A terrace is a relaxing outdoor space

A home is worth more if it also includes a balcony or terrace, both very useful everyday spaces which for many are also a relaxing spot, perfect for a summer’s evening. Profilpas knows the important of finishes and protection for balconies and terraces, which are constantly exposed to the elements, and for this reason has introduced a wide range of specifically-designed edging profiles.  

Profilpas solutions to protect balconies and terraces

The Cerfix® Protec range was designed by Profilpas experts to assure maximum protection to the outer edges of terraces and balconies, protecting them from atmospheric agents. One of these is Protec CPGV.  This flashing profile does two things: it allows water to run off the tiled surface and, thanks to the holes, also enables any water trapped under the tiles to escape. This is an extremely useful solution for balconies and terraces, designed to reduce problems resulting from icing and thawing, and also the unsightly formation of crystals on cement-based grouting. Protec CPCV (painted aluminium) and CPCI (stainless steel) are perfect in this context, offering a selection of edging profiles and finishes for the outer edges of terraces and balconies. These solutions are also recommended when, in addition to protecting and finishing outer edges, water has to be carried away from the surface and not allowed to come into contact with the outer edge.

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Products for Balconies and terraces