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External corners profiles


PROANGLE is a line of technical profiles designed for: finishing, closings, protection and decoration when laying flush flooring in ceramic, marble, granite, parquet or other types of materials.
These profiles are ideal as: separation and decorative joints between floorings in different materials, e.g., between flooring in ceramic and parquet or carpet; finishing and protective profiles for the edges of steps, footrests and work spaces; and perimeter profiles for fixing doormats.

The PROANGLE line, in natural brass and natural aluminum, is especially suited for marble, resin and wood laying, or wherever surface polishing is required up to a maximum thickness of 1.5mm.
As a general rule of thumb, the polishing of profiles in materials differing from those indicated above should be avoided.

Models in high shine aluminum, anodized, varnish and PVC are not suited to be used on pavements.
Chrome brass models are not recommended for use on floors where there is an intense volume of passage.

PROANGLE is also the perfect choice for sealing and protecting external corners for ceramic covering, avoiding the unsightly and fragile 45º cut. The particular square form clearly outlines coverings such as rectified porcelain stoneware.
Available in different materials, colors and finishes, these profiles are thus used as decoration, as they lend a refined and pleasing effect whether matching or contrasting with the covers of the most varied styles.

The versatility of the PROANGLE line is due to the diversity of the materials used, rendering these profiles fit for use in any civil, public and industrial environment.

PROANGLE is likewise available in Flex; in natural aluminum, stainless steel and brass; created specifically to satisfy laying situations where the profile must curve, aided by the PROFLEX machine, to follow the curved line of the junction.


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