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External corners profiles


PROTRIM is a line of profiles suitable for sealing and protecting the external corners of ceramic coverings, thus avoiding unsightly and fragile 45° cuts; the rounded form also affords symmetry and safety finishing to tile edges.

Available in different heights, materials and finishes, PROTRIM is used for decoration with the PROLIST line of profiles: deriving refined and pleasing combinations/contrasts with a wide variety of coverings. The PROTRIM line is also recommended for: sealing and protecting floors and edges of steps made with a wide variety of material types such as: parquets, stone and resin; also acting as a finishing touch to your work and footrests.

Aluminum and PVC models are not suited to be used on pavements.
Chrome brass models are not recommended for use on floors where there is an intense volume of passage.

Special components are available for external and internal angles, lending to the uniformity and linearity of the finish.

PROTRIM is likewise available in Flex; in silver stainless aluminum and natural brass; created specifically to satisfy laying situations where the profile must curve, aided by the PROFLEX machine, to follow the curved line of the junction. See the section relative to curved products.


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