Pvc Edge Trims


For the protection, joining and decoration of finishes of various types, Profilpas offers a vast choice of PVC edge trims. The PVC is particularly suitable to protect corner finishes, but also to ensure a pleasant final result, avoiding the unaesthetic and fragile 45° cut.

Ceramic, glass and marble find the ideal finishing profile in the Protrim or Cerfix® Proangle lines, characterised by a quick and simple installation.
The edge trims made in this material do not require particular cares or specific maintenance operations: in fact, a non-abrasive sponge and a neutral detergent diluted in water are sufficient to clean the PVC.

The lines of the edge trims perfectly match any surface’s chromatic variant, since they are available in various colours: from anthracite to pastel pink, snow-white, peach, creamy grey, and many other finishes. 

Edge trims are placed on any surface where a decorative or protective edge is needed. They are not at all difficult to apply. All you need to do is push down the trim on an exposed edge. Edge trim is usually cut and shaped to firmly fit right into an edge.

Edge trims are have several applications. They are used on the edges of golf carts, satellite dishes, the mirrors in parking lots, different kinds of cabinets, bicycle and motorcycle helmets and the foot baths used for pedicures. Edge trimming is also done on the doors and windows of both residential and commercial buildings.

There are a number of choices of edge trims in terms of the material they are made of. Choices include wood, cement, fiberglass and PVC. PVC edge trims are overtaking those made of wood in popularity. This is thanks to several advantages that PVC offers.

PVC edge trims are high-density which makes them quite durable. High-density PVC also ably resists splintering, rotting, rusting and does not warp. It is also resistant to the growth of mildew and mold and it will never be attacked by insects. These trims are therefore very undemanding when it comes to maintenance. Another reason PVC edge trims are becoming a trend is the wide array of choices they come in. They are available in many different colors, designs and textures.

Trims are ideally placed when an item or building it is being constructed or manufactured. However, you can also use trims to refresh and improve the look of a house or room. It is typically high-density, cellular sealed PVC trim that would are used for finished applications like door and window trimming. Sealed edges keep dirt out and have a smoother, flawless finish. They also give maximum protection against the elements.