Stair nosing profiles


PROSTEP is a profile range for making, defining and protecting the laying of steps in ceramic, marble, stone, etc.

It’s available in different heights and suitable in different material such as: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, wood and PVC in various finishes, with a grained anti-slip or foot-strip, according to the model, it adds an elegantly refined touch to the corners of steps in ceramic, marble, etc. in civil and public areas

The models made of stainless steel offer superb resistant to principal chemical and atmospheric agents and are particularly recommended to protect steps in zones such as hospitals, pools and outside areas in general.


PROTECT is a range of profiles for protecting, defining and/or refinishing step corners, of an already-set flooring, in ceramic, marble, stone, wood, carpet etc.

These profiles are available in different materials and finishes; with smooth or grained surface or with anti-slip insert replaceable when worn, according to the model, suitable for different aesthetic and functional uses.

The models with a grained surface or anti-slip insert are well-suited for situations where the surface is slippery; hence ideal where specific public environmental standards must be met.


Prostair is a complete system of profiles and correspondent fixing accessories for the anchorage on stairs of the stair rods.

The fixing accessories permit a quick removal of the stair rod in case of its removal for the cleaning and/or substitution.



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