Movement joints and joint coverings

Projoint DIL

PROJOINT DIL is a line of expansion joints created for setting ceramic flooring that is normally subject to expansion.
These profiles are particularly recommended, for large surfaces, in correspondence of the underlying foundation to lessen and/or absorb floor vibrations.


PROCOVER are lines of: structural technical joints for equal-leveled floorings (PROCOVER FLEX); structural joint coverings for equal-leveled floorings, coverings and perimeter between flooring and coverings (PROCOVER FIX); joint coverings for equal-leveled floorings (PROCOVER G – 7 – 0 e GB – GR)

For industrial-type structures, or projects of large dimensions such as supporting structures (supporting floors or walls), which need a large space for displacing of the various bearing elements, PROCOVER likewise performs the task of hiding the partitions.
The space or partitioning at the floor or covering level is covered by joint coverings thus hiding possible imperfections from cuts and/or laying, while at the same time providing expansion to the drawn material.



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