Internal corners profiles

Cerfix® Proround M - P

Proround M and P, available in aluminum, stainless steel and PVC, completely satisfy the need to help the necessary hygienic maintenance just in the connections between walls and floors, in places where normally dust and bacteria have a high concentration, such as hospitals, food industries, swimming pools, spas and industrial kitchens a high hygiene level is required.

Cerfix® Proround B

PROROUND B, available in stainless steel and PVC, comprises numerous product lines of perimeter joint profiles between covering and flooring, principally found in areas where an elevated level of sanitary cleanliness is required.

It is the range designed specifically for surfaces that have already been set, through the use of the pertinent adhesive; providing the perfect solution for refurbishing and possible conforming to public hygiene laws and similar standards.

Cerfix® Proint

PROINT is a line of profiles perfect as a perimeter connection when setting between ceramic covering and flooring, or as a perimeter joint between coverings and bathroom fixtures.

Using PROINT avoids unsightly silicone sealing while ensuring an adequate level of hygiene over time and a good aesthetical solution.



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